Freedom…it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die!

– Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

country united kingdom director justin chadwick writer william nicholson starring idris elba; naomi harris; terry pheto

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I was lucky enough to watch the 1974 adaptation of this powerful story a few years ago and I thoroughly liked every bit of it – something so magical about the roaring 20s – “lost generation” – culture that sends my heart and mind on a trip. This new adaptation debuts this May and I think the trailer is absolutely magical. The Great Gatsby is a twisted yet beautifully dramatic story based on F. Scott Fitgerald’s novel of the same name. A lot of contentious issues are explored in the context of enormously privileged ‘white’ America.

country united states of america director baz luhrmann writers baz luhrmann; craig pearce starringleonardo dicaprio; carey mulligan; tobey maguire

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country united states of america director jeymes samuel writers jeymes samuel starring jesse williams; kelly hu; rosario dawson

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I have a deep love for this film…and obviously the Director/Producer behind it. Mr Tom Ford. It is, as one of the reviewers note “…a thing of heart-stopping beauty.”

The OCD attention to time and detail – from the uncomfortable yet rhythmic sound of a clock ticking (a reference to the fear of aging), to the concise layout of funeral attire by George in preparation for his failed attempt at  suicide. It is an intelligent and decidedly heavy account of the emotional battles many people face on a daily basis. I constantly felt the need to pause and take in the aesthetics in-between trying to grasp the actual message of the film. Having watched this film on the year in which it was released, it became the beginning of an adoration for everything Tom Ford touches.

country united states of america director tom ford  producer tom ford; andrew miano writers christopher isherwood  starring colin firth; julianne moore; matthew goode

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easily on the list of my top 10 favourite films yet, this story had me in tears. the japanese women know their power – as all women should. one of my special moments is when a young Chiyo finally masters the art of persuasion (the trade of geisha’s, i reckon) and lures a certain mister almost hypnotically yet gracefully/coyly with her piercing eyes.  i couldn’t stand the cruelty, though…bloody hell!

Mameha takes Chiyo away and guides her with the dedication of a mother, thus the powerful and stunning ‘metamorphosis’ of Chiyo to Sayuri.

the gorgeous fauna and picturesque landscape left me in adoration and reverence for nature…and how it informs the energy and intellect of the japenese community. a story of survival and doing so gracefully of a young girl sold to slavery by her birth father  –  the very reason why this film remains in my heart. triumph, triumph, triumph.

country japan director rob marshall writers robin swicord; arthur golden (book) genre drama/romance

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country united states of america director berry gordy writers toni amber; john byrum starring diana ross; billy dee williams; anthony perkins

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