How does one make a measurable difference in this day and age where the competition for jobs is so high, and their availability so very limited? If you have not already, meet 21st century economic zeitgeist, Entrepreneurship. An  ‘entrepreneur’, is one whom is loosely described by Brett Nelson in an article in Forbes magazine as “…the people we are counting on – desperately – to rev it [economic growth] up.” So, how does this actually happen?…

This page will introduce to and/or inform you on the important facts you need to know about the field of Entrepreneurship, and feature some of the finest entrepreneurs who share their notions  with relation to their profession.

I am, personally, given life by creativity and ideas, and over the past few years, as a result of being exposed to The Economist, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and DESTINY have felt intensely drawn to all things business. The bug bit really deeply when it did…and I am forever craving more knowledge so that when my time comes to action my dreams, I will be more than competent and ready.



Herman the King





The Hook Up Dinner: Vision is King

South African entrepreneur, Andile Khumalo shares his thoughts about Entrepreneurship and in particular, the vision necessary to see through your ideas at The HookUp Dinner, a networking movement created by Dr. Lifesgud (a ‘serial entrepreneur’ as per Entrepreneur Magazines Alison Job), held this past August in  Johannesburg. Definitely everything I’ve been needing to hear, and that everyone else should hear too, as it corresponds perfectly to life in general. After understanding just what he’s saying, I really find that it would be impossible to remain unchanged.

Without vision, surely one does not have much.

For me…vision is simply a definition of ‘what does success look like?’- making money isn’t a vision…it’s an outcome.

A vision is a clearly articulated destination…visions don’t change because moods change….

A good vision is important…drives the right behaviour.

Every decision on a journey is directly impacted by the destination…Vision helps you deal with those time thieves – things you shouldn’t be bothering yourself with. So, if you decide that your journey is to Capetown, why are you going to Limpopo?…

One of the most important parts of his presentation, for me, is the part where he acknowledges the mistakes they made with his business partners – registering their business venture (MSG Afrika) as an Investment company, and consequently, dabbling in businesses which in retrospect were incongruous with their vision.

As a result of not having the wisdom and clarity of understanding in the moves they were making then, they ended up doing too much – until reflecting! Having a clearly defined vision, and the confidence to turn down opportunities incongruous with your goals is an important life lesson here – what a goldmine!

Thank you, Andile!



Ludwick Marishane — HeadBoy Industries Inc.


Super inspirational and hilarious, this 22 year old UCT student old from Limpopo province, South Africa, is my very first Entrepreneur of choice. Ranked on Google‘s list of the brightest young minds in the world, and named by the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards as the best student entrepreneur in the world, it is impossible not to be inspired (at very least ‘moved to the edge of your seat’) by this young man’s professional trajectory.

Also, since  he is my age, and comes from a region in South Africa which is ridiculed by many on social networks as ‘a farm; a foreign’, he debunks all negativity once uttered of this somewhat isolated province. Like he says in the featured TEDtalks video below, “On the gravel roads of Limpopo – with an allowance if R50 a week – I came up with a way for the world not to bath, what’s stopping you?”

Get connected with him via his Twitter account.


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