what exactly do I tell you about myself without missing the point of this – erh, ‘abridged unofficial bio’ shall we call it?

My name is Bongeka and I – from the very core of my being – adore books, poetry and music. I am of the belief that the attainment of wisdom whilst enjoying life is the truest definition of the phrase ‘heaven-on-earth’.

I am enormously devoted to the fulfilment of GOD’s purpose – uncovering and living within the truth of why I am on this planet in the first place. It’s an assignment with what I refer to as a mysterious due date, and also that I believe transcends it too.


I have had serious challenges with this over the past couple of years, and am quick to remember those I owe much gratitude to –  the remarkable Ps. Rick Warren being one of those influences via his novel, ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ which helped me to begin understanding PURPOSE as a 16 year old Matriculant hungry for progress and I suppose trying to muster the courage to do life well. See, I was deep in my Hip Hop and Neo-Soul by then, and Common’s ‘It’s Your World’ was a big deal to me as a newly teenaged young lady.

(Album: ‘BE‘ – ca. 2005)

Mission: BE eternal 🙂

I am now 26 years old – a Graduate with experience working at Marketing Communications agencies (Advertising) in both Johannesburg and Durban which I have enjoyed and grown a whole lot from.
I’ll briefly take you back to the mid-90s – to my earlier days in Lamontville (the township where I lived the first 2-3 years of my life) curled up on my maternal grandmother’s plastic-covered couch reading dusty, dog-eared textbooks which – in retrospect – I may have had no business ‘reading’ when there was a street buzzing with games being played by the kids my age which I was expected to take part in.
But that little Princess with her strapped pink-orange kid specs chose to embrace & focus rather on owning what her heart’s pace understood best.
So, hence the title of this here blogsite: PACE.
I hope that you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoy writing it.
                           Love & Light,



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